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With These Hands

In honor of Labor Day the Homestead RHCC continued our “With These Hands" photo series.  The photos represent the residents’ lives and their contribution to the work force.              ...

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Ask the Expert

Q: What is post-acute pulmonary rehabilitation? A: Post-Acute Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a specific therapy post-hospitalization in a sub-acute setting that helps those with chronic respiratory disease such as COPD, pneumonia, and other lung conditions that cause a...

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Grandview Pavilion is Now Officially Open!

As of today, June 6th 2017, the Grandview Pavilion is officially open and accepting patients!! Our official grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting was on March 31st. It was great to see so many members of the Homestead family, those who contributed to the...

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Ask the Expert: What is an ACO?

Q:What is an ACO and how does it benefit me? A: An ACO, Accountable Care Organization, consists of healthcare providers that join a group to provide quality, coordinated, and cost effective healthcare services. These groups have evolved as a result of the Affordable...

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With These Hands

In Honor of Labor Day the Homestead RHCC began a photo series we are calling, "With These Hands". The photos represent the residents' lives and their contribution to the work force.   With these hands Tillie built a prosperous floral shop and decorated thousands of...

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Certified Nurse Aide Class

  Homestead Rehabilitation & HCC is accepting applications for a Certified Nurse Aide Class. If you are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in  health care please complete an application at: 129 Morris Turnpike, Newton NJ. This class is scheduled to begin on...

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