In honor of Labor Day the Homestead RHCC continued our “With These Hands” photo series.  The photos represent the residents’ lives and their contribution to the work force.


With these hands Lorraine provided for her family by working in a coffee and tea factory.


With these hands Lorraine M. had one second to read your zip code and manually plug it into the Ziptronic machine ensuring the US mail sent it to the proper destination.


With these hands Doris turned countless pages and shared her love of the written word with her students as a literature professor.


With these hands Margaret C. gave others the opportunity to use their voices and exercise their right to vote as a voter registration volunteer.


With these hands Marie S. kept the neighbor children safe in their travels to and from school as a crossing guard.


With these hands as a middle school teacher, Lorraine M. taught young minds the knowledge they needed for a foundation to their future.



With these hands Eleanor A. spent her days typing and filing as a secretary until she left the profession to raise a family.