When Niki Ioannou, an Occupational Therapy student from The University of Scranton, began her internship at The Homestead Rehabilitation and Healthcare center, she never realized what a close relationship she would form with one of the resident’s and what a difference it would make in one women’s life.

During their internship,  students design and implement occupational therapy services for individuals under the close supervision of an Occupational therapist. Niki had the opportunity to work with a variety of patients and resident’s at the Homestead under the supervision of her clinical instructor, Linda Cammaroto.

“Niki formed a special bond with several of her patients’ but one in particular stands out”, said Linda Cammaroto. “Terry, one of our residents, had lost the ability to  propel her wheelchair and perform simple daily life skills we all take for granted like brushing your hair.  Niki was able provide adaptive equipment to perform grooming tasks,  refurbished a motorized wheelchair and taught Terry how to use it. One of the most exciting things for Terry this year was to be able to get around by herself . “

Terry said, “Niki helped me to go to the Sussex County library which is next store to the Homestead and helped me get a library card. She also made it possible for me to go to the State Fair at the Sussex County Fairgrounds and get around by myself.” Terry can now enjoy activities that she could not before.